Five ways to turn your house into a smart home

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Fran Puddefoot

According to latest research, 45 per cent of people in the UK already have smart home technology – and that figure is expected to hit nearly 85 per cent by 2026.


As well as switching things on and off when you want it, technology which is connected to your phone and each other through Wi-Fi, 4G or Bluetooth can help you save time, energy and money.  If you are new to smart technology, the first thing you need to do is invest in a smart speaker, which will allow you to control all aspects of your home with the sound of your voice. Once you have done that, the world is your oyster…


Get plugged in: Turning your house into a smart home doesn’t need to be costly. Begin by attaching smart plugs to the devices you use most. Once they are plugged in you can control them via your speaker and you will wonder how you ever lived without them. 


Turning up the heat: According to Ecoexperts, 86 per cent of smart metre users say it has helped them reduce their fuel bills. Some smart heating systems can work off the GPS location of your phone. This means it will automatically turn the heating off when you leave the home, immediately conserving energy. WundaSmart Room thermostats measure temperature and humidity from the areas you actually use in the room are also worth a look. £49.95,



Step into the light: Smart light bulbs are very energy efficient and they are also fairly easy to install. If you want to take your lighting to the next level, then think about investing in this beautiful Smart Baton Light. Crafted from sustainable white ash wood and solid acrylic glass, they can be used as a wall lamp, reading lights or bedside lamps. If you take the light stick off its base, you can even use it as a practical torch. £57,



That’s entertainment:  Smart technology has revolutionised home entertainment and this  JUNG Smart Radio DAB+ is a stylish and technically high-quality alternative to conventional radios. The built-in device can also be paired with a smartphone or tablet, which makes it just as easy to listen to music streaming services, audio books and podcasts as national and international radio programs.  £265,



Peace of mind: Smart cameras are a great way to boost the security of your home. There is a wide range to choose from but the Netatmo Smart Indoor Security Camera consistently gets good reviews. As well as instant notifications on your smartphone in the event of an intrusion, the camera can distinguish between familiar and unfamiliar faces. £319.99,



Turning the tables: We love this Koble Carl smart side table. At first glance the gorgeous solid wood frame and white glass top will inject a touch of Scandi styling to your home. Get a bit closer and this occasional table has lots of innovative hidden features, satisfying your techie needs. Designed with a wireless charging surface, it also comes with USB points and two premium Bluetooth speakers. £225,




Author:  Sarah Freeman, V&A Homes



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