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Top tips for buying a home in 2020

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Fran Puddefoot

For the first time in four years, both buyers and sellers are looking at the property market with a sense of optimism. Properties are coming to the market earlier than usual while a lot of our buyers who registered last year are ready to start viewing. So, our advice is to act now – don’t wait for spring. Here are three of my top tips for buyers this year.

Get the full picture

The benefit of a more active market is that there will be more choice. A lot of properties will be coming to the market in the next few months and while online is a great window to see what is out there, it’s limited. An agent will be able to let you know about an interesting property before it comes to the open market. Many sellers are happy for that to happen so if you want to see the full market, build a relationship with the agent.

Start with an open mind

The more open minded you can be in terms of what you look at, the better idea you’ll form about what is important for you and what is good value. In some cases, people’s criteria can even shift round. Be open minded at the start, then narrow the search down as you and the agent get a better idea of what you want. That will give you the confidence to turn you from a viewer to a buyer. You’re making an informed decision.

It’s an exciting time to look as there is a lot of choice – make the most of that choice particularly if you’re moving to a new area.

Negotiate, but don’t over negotiate

More buyers in the market means there will be more competition. But it is still a good market to buy in so take advantage of that. Once you see a property you like, of course you want to get it at the best price. However, people often fixate on the last two to three per cent and lose the house.

If you love the house and the area, secure it. Otherwise, someone else will. In recent years, buyers have had a lot of time to make a decision. In a more active market, this is unlikely to be the case.


Author:  Charles Elsmore-Wickens, Savills



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